New Years 2020 Virtual Session

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New Years 2020 Virtual Session


Jan. 04, 2021, 7:00 a.m. – Feb. 14, 2021, 11:00 a.m.
Virtual Session


Welcome to the new ‘mom squad’ of the pandemic.

We have been working hard to create something inspiring for you mamas. Our goal has been to provide an experience as close to our in-person sessions as possible for you to get everything you would have otherwise (if not more)!

So, Voila! We present to you - our Virtual 6 Week Session Plan.

Each week will consist of:

Sundays 1pm – 1 Live Zoom Workout (1 hour)

You can tune in live with us, however it will be recorded and sent to you directly following the session. We highly encourage you to complete the workout again on your own that same week to experience maximum benefit.

Weekly Zoom Education Session with Post-Natal Experts (30 mins + Q&A)

Each week we will have a postnatal expert present on a variety of topics. Sessions will be scheduled around presenter’s availability with time sent to you with adequate notice. The session will also be recorded and sent to you following the live session, however we encourage you to attend to have the option to ask your questions!

Weekly Posting Assignments & Engagement

You NEED a forum to connect with mamas. We want to give you a safe and inviting environment to share your story. Complete your weekly posts in the form of text, video or photo and submit it to our private group chat. Engage with other members posts to create a connection with all the amazing individuals sharing a parallel journey.


We will encourage you to complete and post both workouts for the week, your posting assignment and one additional weekly challenge around post-natal health. You will be hearing from us – whether it is a gentle nudge or someone to lend an ear during a tough week, we are there.

Thank you for inspiring us, other participants and those little eyes looking up to you setting an example in their world.

Megan & Maxine

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